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The Ontario Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court handles legal disputes with a maximum monetary jurisdiction of $35,000.00. The Court handles all civil litigation disputes that are not addressed by an Administrative Tribunal.

The Small Claims Court handles disputes arising out of:

  • Money owing
  • Recovery of items, or their replacement cost
  • If you were hurt due to another party's negligence

Accounts Receivables

Let J.A.B. Legal Services assist your business in taking necessary steps to reduce and/or collect your unpaid accounts receivables; the firm has helped many businesses throughout the years successfully use the Small Claims Court to collect their unpaid receivables.

Unpaid Loans

Have you loaned money to someone? Are they ignoring your requests to be paid back?  J.A.B. Legal Services can help you take the necessary steps to get your money back.

Contract Disputes

Have you entered into a contract that hasn’t been satisfied?  Were you unable to complete a contract through no fault of your own and are now being sued for it?  Do you have to sue someone for not completing their obligations under a contract, such as doing work or paying for work completed?  Let J.A.B. Legal Services help you with enforcing, collecting damages or defending a contract dispute.

Repair and Storage Lien Act

Are you a mechanic that has worked on or stored a vehicle and your customer is refusing to pay your bill? Or are you disputing your mechanic’s invoice and they are refusing to release the vehicle?  J.A.B. Legal Services can assist you in Small Claims Court with your concerns under the Repair and Storage Lien Act.

Contractor/ Construction Disputes

Did you hire a contractor to do some work but they didn’t complete the work that they were supposed to? Was the work left incomplete or poorly done? Did you complete work for your client and they are refusing to pay?  Let J.A.B. Legal Services help you with your contractor-related disputes.

Real Estate Breached Contracts

Has someone offered to purchase your home or real estate property but were unable to complete the transaction at closing?  Have you tried to purchase a property, but the seller could not close the transaction? Did you incur unnecessary costs in attempting to salvage the deal or trying to resell the property?  J.A.B. Legal Services can assist you in recuperating your damages.

Libel and Defamation

Has someone defamed you or your business? Is this damaging your reputation or the reputation of your business? Was it in writing or verbal? Let J.A.B. Legal Services assist you in getting compensated for the damage caused to your reputation.


Are you a general contractor and your subcontractor didn’t complete their contracted duties? A sub trade or subcontractor that hasn’t been paid for work you’ve completed?  If you’re being sued or need to sue in Small Claims Court, call us and we can assist you with your construction related disputes.

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other practice areas

Landlord and Tenant Board

The Landlord and Tenant Board has jurisdiction to deal with most residential tenancy agreements.  At J.A.B. Legal Services, we help landlords evict tenants for non-payment of Rent; assist evict tenants that are creating issues on the property (i.e.  property damage, creating issues with other tenants or the landlord, etc.).  As a landlord, do you need to take possession of the Rental Unit for personal use? We can help with all of these situations. At J.A.B. Legal Services, we also assist tenants who are having difficulty with their landlords. Is your landlord not maintaining your rental unit or the rental property?

Property Tax Assessment

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Farmland property is assessed by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) in Ontario for the purposes of attributing municipal tax valuations. Sometimes, the price of the property is assessed incorrectly resulting in incorrect municipal property taxes. Let J.A.B. Legal Services negotiate with MPAC to reduce your property valuation amount.  If negotiations from a reconsideration request are not fruitful, J.A.B. Legal Services can represent you in appealing the MPAC valuation to the Assessment Review Board. Contact us to assist you in reducing your tax liability.

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal

Have you been discriminated against at your workplace, in various services or in housing?  We help individuals navigate the Human Rights Tribunal and assert their rights. We also assist clients in responding to applications that are brought against them or their companies.

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