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A la carte consultation services

Helping you navigate the Small Claims Court process, so you can represent yourself with confidence.

As a paralegal practicing in the small claims court, I often receive phone calls from people requesting representation whom I must turn away due to the dollar value of their claim. I turn them away as my fees would outweigh any possible return they are likely to receive. Some individuals or organizations attempt to navigate the court process on their own as they cannot afford the help of a representative.

To address this problem and try to ensure that individuals and organizations can pursue their claims confidently and effectively, even if they have to represent themselves, I have decided to offer an a la carte consultation services.

For a very reasonable fee I will help you navigate the Small Claims Court process so you can represent yourself with confidence.These services are also provided to individuals and organizations defending claims.

A La Carte Menu Options

Legal Opinions

We could provide you a legal opinion before, or during your small claims court matter. Having a legal opinion prior to commencing a legal action could assist you by providing a reasonable and realistic expectation of the outcome. This will educate you on what legal remedies you will have available or legal tests that you will have to meet to succeed in the litigation.

Drafting of Court Forms

We can assist you with drafting pleadings, inclusive of Plaintiff’s Claims, Defences, Defendant’s Claims, Defences to Defendant’s Claims, Motion materials and Affidavits. Simple Court forms such as Affidavits of Service, Request to Clerks, Request for Clerk’s Orders on Consent. Enforcement documents such as Garnishments, Writ of Seizure and Sale of Land and Notice of Examinations.

Legal Research

Much like a legal opinion, legal research will delve deeper into a specific issue. With this option we will provide you specific case specific research, and provide you with authorities that show how the courts have dealt with similar situations in the past.

Disclosure Requirements

There are certain documents, evidence, and forms, which must be provided at certain steps in the proceedings. We will assist you with preparing required disclosure documents for your small claims court proceeding.

Document Review

If you have already drafted legal documents for your small claims court proceeding and just want someone to look and see if they are adequate for the Court process, I will be happy to review your documents so that you can be confident of them before you submit them to the Court.

Appearances in Court

If you have a court appearance date and are not confident attending on your own, you can hire us to attend on the specific court date for a flat fee.

We help you become confident & prepared for your court APPEARANCE.

J.A.B. Legal Services can provide assistance with every step of your trial process, allowing you to appear in court well-prepared and confident. With our flat fee schedule, you will know exactly what costs are incurred during the process, so you can properly budget your litigation. Contact us today to learn more about our A La Carte services.

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